Blended Learning

Blended learning

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Perhaps the biggest change to affect learning in the 21st Century is the embedding of blended approaches. This is even more true in the vocational education and training arena with the ever increasing demands for more flexible, personalised learning opportunities for a diverse group of students. Blended delivery means many things - from flexible delivery i.e changing from 4 days face-to-face per week for 18 weeks to 1 day per week with self directed online resources plus web-conference or the use of collaborative tools like a wiki or a blog to connect with students and so they can connect with each other. It also brings into play the ability to use different methodologies to be able to engage your students by catering to different learning styles.

This is difficult for already time poor teachers but the results can be amazing in how we can better engage students in the learning and ultimately get better results ie completion rates etc. I agree this is yet to be proved but if you are involved in delivering blended approaches you will confirm that what I am saying is correct. Yet where to start? Sometimes its easy because of the demands of a students workplace or conditions such as Jeff talks about ".... I taught in a Corrective Services institution. Simulations were used, not because they suited the learning style of the students, but because we couldn't have any sharp tools. The content was less than ideal. It was a compromise but remained the best choice."

So its back to the basics and the analysis component of designing an elearning program ie characteristics of your students, content for delivery and so on. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your courses!


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Activity on blended learning

In this activity we are asking you to analyse your students and content of your course and plan how you will blend your delivery. Go to the site where you can record your outcomes