Case study scenario: Design

A teacher has been asked to develop a learning program on coffee making. It is a 6 week program aligned to a training package. The first stage is analysis.

Analyse flowchart

Analyse :

What needs to be learned?
  • types of coffee
  • using Coffee machine My Coffee
  • how to make a long black, short black and cappuccino
  • how do you judge a good cup of coffee
  • students need this qualification to maintain their positions in a chain of coffee shops across the Sydney Region
  • the course is mapped to a Skillset 1234 Making Coffee from a National Training Package
  • needs to be delivered flexibly because they are working
  • nominal 50 hours
  • have access to a computer in the workplace and the company is prepared to give them time during work hours to complete the course
  • after speaking to the Human Resource Manager you are given a profile of the students
    • come from a wide range of educational backgrounds
    • 60% speak another language other than English
    • Have quite good technology skills as they are used as part of their work i.e personal digital device to take orders, online ordering, communication within the company via a blog and SharePoint site
  • Making a cappuccino, latte, short and long black that complies with an assessment checklist


Based on this analysis a learning program has been developed. Please see the completed Learning Program Template. Completed example CoffeeMaking.docx


  1. Comment on the design. How you might improve the design Discussion
  2. Create learning activities Upload your topic learning design to Moodle to start the process of submitting your final assignment.