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The project began in March with the aim to develop an educational program for staff on developing and delivering elearning programs. Most of the program has been developed program to be delivered online using Mclipart_elearningguy.jpgoodle and Adobe Connect and other elearning tools including wikis, blogs and eportfolios. The design of the program includes innovative approaches to model current best practice. At the same time participants experience being part of an elearning course and they have started to develop the skills and knowledge to develop and deliver elearning. They will then be assessed against the skillset 18714 Participating in elearning with a work based project that will be to develop an elearning program.

We have also explored the use of teacher management tools such as a Learning Content Management System and an eportfolio that is integrated with Moodle. Also the integration with Moodle and a student personalised learning environment (OLS) and with student administration management (SAM). This will enable teachers to record results from SAM/OLS directly into SIS. This is the very beginnings of a virtual learning environment (VLE) for the Institute and in line with what is happening in the wider TAFE environment.

Come and join the team to see what we have accomplished and ask questions about our learning journey!

Participate in eLearning

The team worked hard over the last few months and the outcome is explained in the digital story and powerpoint