Transcripts of our Adobe Connect brainstorms

2 September 2010
What do you do to draw on the skills and experiences that students bring to your course?

JB: Class discussions
KG: I use youtube for communication practices
C: The Smartboard has helped make the Maths classes more real
K: group discussions
W: Not at all
K: simulated work environment
C: Class participation they are very involved in the session and on computers learning
S: Directly ask students to relate what we are talking about to their own life or culture
RJ: I've used people with particular interests as mentors for others who ahve a similar interest but lack experience
F: Humour, drawing own experiences
S: ask students who have good skills to help others
LS: Well Wendy now is your opportunity to have a play with new technologies
KG: Brain storming with large post notes
C: They access computers but also internet and asked to go to various websites
JH: SmartBoards are really good - not all classes have them and you can notice the difference in teaching. Work placement is aslo really good - makes it very real to the students.
S: i also like to use the smart board or data projector
RC: internet sites to see validity of what they are learning
DP: When I teach whole classes of people who have disabilities - I start with the old fashioned way of teaching becuse of the safety aspect - teaching in a commercial kitchen - but as the learner becomes more comfortable in the kitchen, I can start to chat to the student and have themtalk and try to work at the same time.
MF: bring their skills to the classroom
C: I use the data projector all the time for visual
PC: ask students to draw from their own work experiences ( existing workers as learners )
JB: Use a simulated environment which copies real life situations which trigger experiences, skills and knowledge which students are able to give to other students
JP: I did something a little unusual this week, I had the students search Youtube on a particular topic (how not to hold a meeting) and then bring their picks to class
JH: also, getting the students to do presentations in class on topics they are interested in
MF: search newsgroups for their interests
JB: Use virtual environments ie OHS for hunt the hazards etc
S: I have used youtube videos in conjuction with an old fashion worksheet
MF: its annoying in a computer room when demonstration is everyone standing around you on a computer
C: I'll have try try to incorporate you tube in the class too