DK:interactive smart board exercises
ET:Video activity
DK:students to create a video demonstration for assessment
ST:Demonstrations through links to sites such as You Tube
lh:videoing at the workplace
MJC:smartboard practical questions
DK:Diigo and youTube integration with Moodle
TK:practical activity with youtube video as demo
MJC:lite pro projector, laptop, internet, links and access to real reports for example
practical demonstration lh
Watching a barista, observation ST
brainstorm activities to understand what previous knowledge
they have MJC
Showing a video. ST
simulated workplace LH
Have a coffee
Individual demonstrations ET
Video followed by practice of video exercise (DK)
showing a video and ask for feedback by questioning students MJC
practical demonstration MJC
Blogging about workplacement experiences (DK)
a test where the student has to recall the steps from memory both on paper and practically theory test and practical assessment tk
test to assess any underpinning knowledge ST