Session Plan – Creating Learning Activities

Session Purpose

This session of the “Participate in eLearning” program is designed to support participants to begin to structure a range of activities and assessment tasks for their program design.

Adobe Connect Recording - 3/05/2010 4pm
Powerpoint -


Recap - Bloom's wheel & the hierarchy of learning/ engagement as a useful guide
Types of actvities - reflecting the AQF level?
One model in action
Brainstorming activities for individual programs

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:


pptx available
Key questions/ concepts:

The model and template in action
Coffee template
Key questions/ concepts:
  • revisit the model/ template introduced last week
  • for large courses you might use one of these as an overall plan and then use further templates for each section/chunk
  • focus in on the activity column

Typical types of activity
Key activities/ questions:
  • Brainstorm possible activities for a Certificate 2 program - limitations?
  • Now add to the whiteboard extra/alternative activities that would be suitable at a Certificate 4 level
  • Would any of these NOT potentially utilise technology?

Narrowing down to some actual examples
Key activities/ questions:
  • Ask for a volunteer to articulate what their program will focus on and what they have in mind for activities
  • As a group brainstorm some ideas/ options

Introduce tools of the trade and SWSI tools
Screen Share
  • Provide brief overview of tools and what they can do to achieve learning activity design aims.
  • Encourage self directed exploration of SWSI tools/ tools of the trade prior to the future 'creating resources' session.

Screen Share
  • Demonstrate how to share their learning design doc (Optional - When they are ready) with PiE group using wikispaces and comment on others work.
  • Activities

    1. Comment on the design. How you might improve the design Discussion
    2. Create learning activities Upload your topic learning design.


AQF handbook -

Coffee activity section zoomed in


Complete activity section of their template