Session Plan – Designing a Learning Program

Session Purpose

Designing a learning program is a creative process, what are the considerations and steps to synthesizing an analysis into a learning design, leveraging the power of technology and capturing ideas for learning activities to engage students? In this session we'll take a birds eye view of the overall learning design process then using the PiE learning design template show a completed example of learning design based on coffee making. From this the elements of the PiE learning design template will be discussed further with tips for teachers to prompt their creative thinking and capture ideas for their own program.

Adobe Connect Recording - 29/04/2010 4pm
Powerpoint -


  • Birds eye view of the learning design process?
  • Begin the learning program design process, identify the program learning outcomes, assessment, components and sequencing.
  • Introducing the elements of PiE learning design template - example of coffee making
  • Tips for generating authentic learning activity and assessment ideas for a learning program using Bloom's wheel.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to describe the overall design process, generate activity and assessment ideas for their learning program using the learning design template and upload their program to Mahara eportfolio.

Audio check etc.
Birds eye view of the learning design process?
Key concepts to cover
  • what have we covered so far? - recap
  • what has captured your interest? - text or voice chat depending on numbers
Begin the learning program design process
Key concepts to cover
  • identify your program's learning outcomes
  • what assessment activities might you include?
  • components and sequencing - how will you 'chunk' your program into manageable components?
  • how can technology enhance learning and assessment opportunities?
The elements of PiE learning design template
Key concepts to cover
  • be careful not to lose a holistic project goal while considering component parts
Tips for generating authentic learning activity and assessment ideas
Key questions
  • What learning tasks or assessment activities do you have you in mind for your learning program? Consider the blooms wheel to help articulate - pick a pece of the pie and articulate ONE possible activity/task based on the terms it offers
  • How can technology enhance the activity you selected?
Where to next? Summary and reminders
Key tasks
  • Do the first two voice thread slides, link from Moodle tool list
  • Develop the design template for your learning program and upload word doc to Mahara. Share screen and instruct participants to go and watch the youtube Mahara video from the PiE channel.


Presentation -
Learning design case study - Making coffee_100528_v3
Template (Blank) - Designing a learning program_100528_v3
Primer - Blooms Wheel Chart
Youtube - Upload file to Mahara
Diigo readings - design


Brainstorming activity and assessment ideas using technology. During the Connect session a power-point screen shot of Blooms wheel will act as a primer to prompt discussion from a few individuals to define an authentic learning task from their learning program. Ideas for approaches to utilizing technology can then be offered towards achieving this stated aim.