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Identify an elearning program and define what is good about the program. Post your responses to the wiki. After reading what your colleagues have posted summarise what you think are the most important aspects of a quality eLearning program and post to the wiki. Back to Designing an eLearning Program.

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It's difficult to comment on a program without actually participating in and completing it, so I will use my PIE experience as my example.
What's good about it so far: It's easy to access anywhere I have an internet connection. It's well structured and I find it easy to follow. I like the ability to be able to review missed Adobe Connect sessions. I can work on it whenever I have the time for a long as I want. The screen appearance is good - it's not cluttered or too wordy - it looks fresh and clean.
What could be better: The time fairy could grant me more time to work on it but that comes down to me being more organised and managing my time better.

Thanks Zifo-good feedback, and constructive. Yes the time is an issue for al of us! Julie