Session Plan – Finding Resources

Session Purpose

This session is designed to introduce PiE participants to a range of options for locating useful existing resources.
A wide range of educational resources exist both in-house and on the open web. It is important however for all resources, including your own from previous courses, to be evaluated for their suitability for the given context and learner group.

Adobe Connect Recording - 5/05/2010 9:00 AM
Powerpoint -
Robyn's revised slides - original file


  • Types of resources
  • Sources of resources
  • Evaluation of resources
  • Notion of customisation, adaptation, modification
  • Using the resources

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to :
  • know where to go to search for resources for their program
  • know how to evaluate existing resources
  • consider ways to adapt or customise resources
  • consider how to deploy the resource/s in the learning delivery
AC Layout 6. Finding Resources
Adjust time of session in “ConnectTitle”
Clear “Finding Resources” chat

(10 min)
AC Layout 6. Finding Resources
Note Pod: "6: Today's Session"
Welcome and invite mic response
Review/hassles/joys to-date
Refer to Session Content (Note Pod: "6: Today's Session")

Resource Types
(15 min)
AC Layout 6. Finding Resources
Chat pod "6: Types of Resources"
Dedicated Chat pod "6: Types of Resources" for participants
to brainstorm - draw out understanding –
macro driven spreadsheets, word documents,
pdfs, images, videos, interactive activities, quizzes,
content packages or objects ........

Sources of Resources
(45 min)
AC Layout 6. Finding Resources
Share Pod: "6: SWSIVLE-finding-resources.pptx"
Note Pod: "6: Sources of Resources"
Weblinks Pod: "6: Resource Repositories"
Share Pod: "6: SWSIVLE-finding-resources.pptx"
A systematic process – (Note Pod: "6: Sources of Resources")
start with .. then try ….
SWSITube, Smartboard Gallery, Diigo,
VET related repositories (TaLe, LORN, Toolboxes)
and web-based repositories such as ...
(Weblinks Pod: "6: Resource Repositories")
YouTube, TeacherTube, BlipTV, Slidehare, Flickr, etc)
• see list in Moodle of places to explore
• greater choice and range
Depending on numbers, split into breakout rooms and view/critique
select weblinks, give very brief report back to all re sites
(intuitive access-use, types of resources etc)

Evaluation of Resources
(20 min)
AC Layout Finding (d)
Chat Pod: "6: Downside" + Chat Pod: "6: Upside"
Note Pod: "6: Evaluation Checklist"
Refer to page 6 in “ResourceDevelopment_100302_V2.docx”
in the Resources section at the base of the Moodle topic
• Traps and pitfalls (Chat Pod: "6: Downside" + Chat Pod: "6: Upside")
• suitability
• relevancy
• currency
• other risks?
From Resource Development document ....
Note Pod: "6: Evaluation Checklist"

(10 min)
AC Layout Finding (e)
Considerations:- Accessibility,
Recommended Specifications, etc .....
Refer to pages 4-6 in “ResourceDevelopment_100302_V2.docx”
in the Resources section at the base of the Moodle topic
Key concepts/ questions:
• what could be customised? - scenarios made local,
images, names, place names,
Major Issue
• copyright?
• SWSITools

Using resources
(5 min)
AC Layout Finding (f)
Graphic: VLE – Learning Delivery
+ SmartBoard/eBeam
Key concepts/ questions:
• we do not usually need to download/upload resoures
• we can link to repositories
• we can 'mirror' dynamic content via html code

Question Time
(10 min)


VLE – Teaching and Learning Resources\Finding
page 6 in “ResourceDevelopment_100302_V2.docx”
pages 4-6 in “ResourceDevelopment_100302_V2.docx”
VLE – Learning Delivery


See Moodle