Participate in eLearning

clipart_@guy.jpgThe course has been developed for teachers who wish to learn how to develop a quality elearning program. The aim of the course is for teachers to experience elearning as participants in a flexible blended delivery approach focusing on the following key content areas:
  • exploring elearning, learning styles and tools
  • developing an elearning program: analysis, development and review
  • pedagogical approaches to elearning
  • blended delivery options
  • finding and developing resources including storing and packaging
  • developing learning activities
  • accessibility
  • copyright

The course is linked to a skillset 10967 Participating in eLearning.

Learn more about the course: Listen to the Adobe Connect Recording of the overview of the course. Go to Getting ready.. to find out about the skills you will need to undertake the course.

Unit Code
Unit Name
Overview of Assessment
Specific Evidence Requirements
Performance Criteria
  • Skills and knowledge required to undertake learning using electronic and communication technologies.
  • Relates to the identification of learning needs and opportunities and to the development of an eLearning.
  • Undertake eLearning
  • Identify learning needs.
  • Identify eLearning opportunities.
  • Develop an eLearning plan.
  • Undertake elearning.
  • Review elearning
Design and Develop Learning Programs
  • Be able to provide evidence that they can design a range of learning programs to meet different learner needs/learning contexts
  • The preparation and development of a minimum of two learning programs
  • Define the parameters of the learning program in consultation with the client/s.
  • Generate options for designing the learning program.
  • Develop the learning program content
  • Design the structure of the learning program
  • Review the learning program
Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • To provide evidence that they have delivered training and facilitated learning within a group on a number of occasions, that involves a series of training sessions covering a number of learning outcomes.
  • Must demonstrate high-level facilitation, observation, communication and interpersonal skills to support and teach each learner effectively.
  • The ability to transfer delivery and facilitation skills to different training environments and learner groups.
  • Evidence of the delivery, facilitation and review of a series of training sessions including at least two consecutive sessions that follow a learning program design.
  • Establish an environment conducive to group learning.
  • Deliver and facilitate training sessions.
  • Demonstrate effective facilitation skills.
  • Support and monitor learning.
  • Review and evaluate effectiveness of delivery.

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