Brainstorm on ways teachers can prepare sessions to cater for student learning styles

GC:What can you do in your lesson preparation to assist students with different learning preferences?
MS: mix it up in resources
lh:well done
tl:You just cover all of the learning styles in each lesson
CT:provide variety of activities
JE: Use practical examples, and at all possible times relate the topic back to something that they enjoy, know or are familiar with
lh: have some fun!!!
GC:concentrate also on how you do these things
AS: Use different resources i.e. powerpoints, activities, some notes requirement etc
tl: Make sure your activities only last less than 20 minutes
tl:so they don't go to sleep :-D
MT:reading material - eg. handouts, video clips from youtube to add to printed case studies, group discussions, referring to their work experience
jm:plan to involve some writing , some reading some participation
MJC:find out what they like and what work the best for the different students and mix it up
ST: Use various activities eg, mind mapping with butcher's paper. Get the students to present always. Q&A. Minimal Powerpoint
GC: Support your f2f lessons with online materials for revision, extension and collaboration
SP:Bring in social learnig experiences/ learning interactions i.e student to expert(Teacher) student to student
b:try & cover all the areas of the learning styles
PDc: can we copy this page
WN: Have a mix of theory, demonstrations and practical. i suppose it is a bit easier being in a trade group
JE: Also include some fun activities that get them up and moving around, whilst still covering the material at hand.
PJ: Be Flexible
AS: Group activities/discussions are a great way for the shy types to get involved
jm: work in small reserach groups and report back
GC: ask our students how they like to learn things - like we did yesterday
JE: For example instead of sitting down brainstorming and telling the teacher what to write on the board, get students into groups and get them up to write on the board or butchers paper around the room.
ET: Creative activities something new..
AS: Include something that gets them thinking
ST: I alsomix in reports and written class tests
SP: Space for reflection
jm: find relevant utube clips
SP: Yes create a youtubetube with playlists
SP: Students can subscribe
MJC: watch the news and try to use a current news/issue when delivering the topics so they could understand what is the purpose of what we are studying
SP: Yes create a youtube channel

What can you do in your lesson preparation to assist students with different learning needs?
KL: real life materials
M: reflect by conducting feedback for
SV: Prepare beforehand. Check the performance criteria
M: forms
DS: i actually work development drawings through with students step by step using smart board
RL: I relate their learning to real life contexts, through the use of various resources.
SP: I go and find stuff on the internet , youtube videos, bookmarks, whiteboard my ideas without much consideration for analysis.. which is wrong
M: validation
SV: industry examples
M: I agree students prefer the real life examples
M: feedback after sessions
DS: boilermaking has pattern developments
PJ: variety of activities
DS: Radial line parallel line and triangulation
M: ask co works what works for them
M: workers
DS: show examples of where used in industry
KL: pace your lessons
VD: check students needs prior to planning sessions and then bring what is needed
DS: welding is about 80 percent of the tasks
SV: use differnt techniques to engage all learners
DS: very hands on practical
M: variety is the spice of life
SV: recap on the learning
M: yes reflect