Responses to the 'Piece of PiE' activity

robyn: Choose a piece of the pie and an action and type a possible task or activity into this pod.
WN: application-draw-produce
Robyn Jay: what would you learners be drawing W?
Robyn Jay: where do you work?
AA: Key points, Resources. time frane.
JM: would probably use a survey to feedback responses relating to the success of a course delivered
Grant Casey: technology can really help labelling type activities where students match visuals with text eg parts of a machine
MJ: Analyse, classify, examine
MJ: for example from a trial balance, analyse the accounts, classify them
WN: 3d drawing of of a press tool and fabricating that tool and putting the tool into practice, Aeroskills structures Padstow
MJ: and then examine what are the statements telling me about the situation of the company
ET: Knowledge, presentations
Grant Casey: I have also seen some sequencing activities where students are presented with a jumbled up st of steps to complete a process and they need to be re-organised inthe correct order (again good technology tools available)
PD: Break into parts see the relationship organise information
Robyn Jay: What do your learners need to present Edward?
JM: i mentioned earlier a survey
PD: real Estate eg employability skills
Grant Casey: many web based communication tools can be used for students to collaboratively solve a problem you have set eg in a wiki, a Moodle Forum
Robyn Jay: remember these are actual student activities
Robyn Jay: they will vary for each of you
AA: with my evening class we are doing colour so I have aske the class to come up with a porfolio where they can use cut out of magazines
PD: the internet for research - chat room to discuss
MJ: video
PD: do we have access to video equipment
Grant Casey: we have a video camera available aso you can borrow from the "eKit" available in libraries
AA: we can also use a digital camera where they take their photos uplaod them in one of the programs where we change the colour of their

The chat history has been cleared.
RJ: Choose a piece of the pie and an action and type a possible task or activity into this pod.
ST: Knowledge: List the steps in conducting and OHS inspection of an office area
SV: evaluate own performance and use it as a Continuous Improvement strategy
DK: analyse your organisation's approach to recruiting volunteers and prepare a report to the management committee outlining how it relates to best practice
RJ: example - "Consider all the approaches covered in the video and select the one that is most appropriate for students in xxx context."
VD: knowledge:helps me recognise prior learning from my students
NK: Hands on: Create a display
TK: Application locate colour code, find formula on computer, then mix 500ml of paint
MK: Tania thats interesting what site is that is that hair dressing
RJ: "Design an OHS info sheet for new workers arriving in a mechanics workshop for the first time"
TK: spraypainting
MK: ok what website is that
TK: no website
MK: Application: Hands on: Create a display
ST: I also use for Fire Safety
MK: yes we do
RJ: as always this depends on your course, the Cert level of course, whether students are working in field or not etc
DK: reflect on your application of knowledge in the workplace